Rethink your relationship with Miami

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CM Yacht Charters was founded by none other then Colleen Marie herself. Having a dying love for water and travel Colleen has been on Yachts for 20 plus years, and has the professional background and knowledge to show for it. Wanting to share her passion and love for the sea she founded CM Yacht Charters ... SEE MORE ->


Overnight Charters

We offer overnight charters that are perfect for experiencing Miami and South Florida under the beautiful night skies while still getting the early day sun. We offer...


We offer daily charters both half day and full day. Our half day charters go out for 4 hours and our full days are 8 hours. The route is... 

Multi-day charters

We offer a wide variety of options for our multi-day yacht charters. Destinations include anywhere in South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas. Like our...

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You haven’t seen Miami until you’ve seen it on a CM Yacht Charter
— Cad Rosado (NY)